Identity is not just an image or a typeset; it is the full embodiment of visual communication in an organization. Design, Functionality, Representation, and Character.



Cartel Customs Wall Mural

Cartel Customs Wall Mural:

Southern California Concept Illustration Mural for Jeremy Lookofsky of the Cartel Customs, Drag Cartel Shop wall.

Ripped Cream Coffee Creamer

Ripped Cream Coffee Creamer:

Ripped Cream Coffee Creamer: Packaging and Identity System



Concept Illustrations for TCI Transmissions.
Branding concepts for print and marketing media.

Throttle RC Nitro

Throttle RC Nitro:

Throttle RC Nitro identity and initial label design.
High performance Racing Fuel for your remote control toys!

The Roddler Stroller

The Roddler Stroller:

The Roddler concept that took the media by storm. 2006 -2015 Concept and Prototypes to Production models sold all over the world. The only travel system stroller that converts to a Trike.  The media icon that helped start the brand Kid Kustoms.

Karma Creatives

Karma Creatives:

A novel personal-care products company.
Stimulating the spirituality with philosophy of good karma.



Leaders in Valve Train technology
Thumpr Cams Performance Group and Vintage history.



High quality wax solutions & packaging.
National distribution in the spa and beauty salon industries.



Flathead Motor Co. & Navarro Racing.
V-8 Flathead Motor Specialist lead by Mike Herman.

Airborne Mini Cooper S

Airborne Mini Cooper S:

Project Airborne was a 2002-2006 Cooper S (R53) project that helped redefine the entry level small car category. At a time when compact was more popular choice for urban solutions. Designed by Joe Iacono 01 concept helped inspire performance packages and styling products for the R53 and future R56.



Security Textile Corporation of Los Angeles.
Global Garment construction product manufactures.

Masters of Chicken Scratch

Masters of Chicken Scratch:

Volume 2 to the highly successful Masters of Chicken Scratch volume 1. Volume 2 is larger format with over 150 pages of hot rod art. Dwayne Vance, Tom Fritz, Larry Erickson, Jeff Norwell Max Grundy ,Eric Tscherne, Tavis Highlander , John Frye, Charlie Decker, Mark Jones, Christian Pearce, Eric Black, Jean Baptiste Robbi, Joe Iacono, Chris Brown. Only the best Hot Rod art goes into the Masters of Chicken Scratch series.



Production Chopper & Identity
Quality Metal Craft, UPC, Detroit Muscle

Paul Watson

Paul Watson:

Architectural Interiors
21st Century modern touch with a mix of periods and cultures.