Muscle Machines

SPEEDOBILIA: Custom Hot Rod Stroller by Kate Sullivan
The Roddler * PH 310.855.9272 * Bel Bambini * $3500
Start ’em young. Thats what we always say when it comes to getting kids involved in the hobby. Forget Mozart – play V-8 engine sounds in utero. Get a plush Camaro for your kid. And makes sure they know from an early age what it means to have a muscle machine, and to take pride in their ride. The Roddler custom hot rod stroller, sold by Bel Bambini is a deluxe way to start your child off the right way in the world of performance modifications and custom car creation. It’s sleek, modern design is something you will never be embarrassed to be seen pushing down the the sidewalk, especially not after you’ve gone through the many customization options. You can choose everything from fender color and graphics – we love traditional hot rod flames – to seat and top options ( yes, lousy steering for you and your kid, man, because you’ve got an upgraded, color matched set of wheels, handles and axles. All Roddlers come standard with collapsible chassis and interchangeable fenders constructed of aerospace- grade 6061 Aluminum. Sure it’s expensive – but isn’t it worth to get your motoring legacy off to the right start?