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Sport Truck Magazine: Paint and Body
Artist Profile: Joe Iacono
The Computer has revolutionized so many things in our life that there wouldn’t be enough space on this page to list them all. We have everything from software that will tell us if our 4 link will bind up before we even set foot in the shop to programs that will show us what our truck will look like, body-dropped, shaved, and sporting some wicked paint. The talent pool that has been able to tap into programs like Photoshop, Painter, Alias, Maya… ect. Take Joe Iaconos unique approach to digital renderings. Joes work combines old-school styles with new school techniques. Quite a few of his works have been featured in various magazines, and well as highlighted by manufacturers such as weld racing, Dupont, and others. We sat down with Joe Iacono for a quick Q&A session to find out where he thought our trends were going as well as what artist have influenced him. – Illustrations Joe Iacono, Words, John Mata