Trucking Mag: Radicle Renderings, Issue 9

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It’s Been a while since we last featured the artwork of Joe Iacono, so we figured we check to see what he’s been up to recently. If you don’t already know his story, Joe started his studio, Iacono Design Group, In 2000, and has kept himself busy with many innovative, high profile gigs since then. Joe has designed custom vehicles for he likes of rocker Tommy Lee and many world renowned shops that build only the best. For those of you who are stroller bound kiddies, you might be interested in Joe’s most recent venture, Kid Kustoms. If you you haven’t already heard or seen The Roddler, we can only describe it as one of the coolest, most full blown custom lines of baby haulers that has ever existed. One thing that has not changed about ‘Joe Iacono’ his work is sure to ‘wow’ anyone who lays their eyes on it. – by John Mata Jr, Truckin Mag